War On Sugar

Sugar has absolutely no nutritional value! It only delivers a load of Kilojoules in exchange for… nothing… it adds no value to your life.

How to shrink your belly:

It sounds easy, but we know that it is really difficult. The best way to stop the sugar craving is to go Cold Turkey, cut back drastically! In the beginning it will be really hard, however as your body regains its insulin sensitivity, it won’t crave sugar so much.

Rule Number 1:

Don’t be fooled by artificial sweeteners, the majority of them are just as bad for you as sugar itself

Rule Number 2:

Sugars are hidden in pretty much everything, but under another name, so make sure you read the labels on packaging before consuming. Especially fruit juices, peanut butters, cereals etc…

Rule Number 3:

Go Raw. Try to eat foods that either need to be refrigerated or that expire within a few days. This way you know it is not packed with preservatives.

Rule Number 4:

Don’t get confused between hunger and thirst. Often we think we are hungry, and our bodies are telling us to have some sugar for energy. Rather try having a cup of tea, or a glass of water to re-hydrate, and you will notice a lot of the time you weren’t even craving sugar or food.

Rule Number 5:

Just because it’s not sweet doesn’t mean it is not packed with sugar. Think of bread and pasta. These carbohydrates are filled with sugars which are called simple carbs.

Rule Number 6:

Be Mindful. Before eating or drinking something, just be mindful of what you are putting into your body. Recognize if it has sugar, and if it does, is it really worth putting in your body?